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Office of Academic Affairs

Tel: +886-2-2822-7101
Campus Ext: 2300

Departments housed under Academic Affairs: the Teaching Affairs Division, the Registration Division, the Academic Services Division,the Division for Teaching & Learning Development and Teaching Excellence Center. Academic Affairs also oversees issues such as course arrangement, student registration, student status management, academic publication, school publicity and publication of academic journals, promotional literature and government accreditation. In addition, in order to support the Teaching Excellence Project organized by the Ministry of Education (MOE), pursue excellence in terms of operational efficiency, and fulfill the school’s short and mid-term development goals, the Teaching Excellence Center is set to launch a variety of relevant programs to implement its cutting-edge educational ideals and academic system in four areas, namely instructors, students, curriculum, and innovation.
Because of the school’s excellent operational efficiency, NTUNHS has received grants of the MOE’s Teaching Excellence Project and grants from the Ministry’s Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence in Northern Region. We were also selected as a pilot school in the category of vocational nursing schools by the center to direct the development of nursing-related vocational schools in northern Taiwan. Built on NTUNHS’s solid foundation of operational efficiency, the MOE’s competitive incentive mechanism will lead to the enhancement of the pedagogical knowledge of our instructors and academic achievements of students.
Mid and long-term goals of the office include:
1. Enhancing pedagogical knowledge and professionalism of the instructors.
2. Enhancing the digital teaching abilities of instructors.
  3. Providing a positive learning environment for students.
4. Enhancing the management of administrative human resources and funds.
5. Allocating funds to conduct field trips and increase educational resources at the school.
6. Becoming accredited by MOE.